"They say politics is the art of the possible. As a practitioner, student and teacher of politics for most of my life, I have run up against the limits of that art more times than I can remember. The wonder of these pages is that they push outward the limits of what’s possible in a fresh and fascinating way. As If We Were Grownups is a fine, important book."

- Barbara Roberts, former governor of Oregon, political science Professor
at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Portland State University

"This potent book comes along at one of the most critical times in American history. If you care about our future, our politics, the soul of this country, you'll know exactly what I mean before you've finished three pages."

- Jean Houston, Ph.D, author of Jump Time and The Possible Human,
Director of International Programs in Social Artistry

“Are you almost ready to throw up your hands and give up on politics and citizenship? Before you do, please read this book.. It will change your idea about what’s possible in America, and very likely stir you to action to make it happen -- as if you were a grownup, taking charge of your own future.”

- Thom Hartmann., author of We the People, A Return to Democracy, and
The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

“Jeff Golden's AS IF WE WERE GROWNUPS is long overdue. He has hit upon a compelling political alchemy for our times: one part pragmatism, one part idealism, one small but crucial part humor. “

- Political Science Professor Bill Hughes, Southern Oregon University

“I’m delighted to find in these pages a prescription that could stanch the bleeding of public confidence. Here’s a compelling case for politicians of all stripes to stop selling cotton candy - giving it away, really - and to start trusting that we voters are adults who can cope with what we need to hear. This book helps pave the way to a new national political ethic. “

- Les AuCoin, nine-term U.S. Congressman, Oregon’s First District

“Democracy, as is often said, is a participatory sport - but not a Agame, “ no matter what the cynics tell us. It doesn't work unless we're all thinking about the consequences of the actions our elected representatives take. They're the hired help, which means we have a very direct role to play in who they are and what they do. And to play that role in a way that's best for the American republic, not to mention best for our children and their children, we need to be informed. As If We Were Grownups, Jeff Golden's collection of "suicidal“ is a solid contribution to the education of voters, leaders, and opinion-makers. Its provocative arguments and persuasive yet respectful tone will add measurably to the thinking person's ability to sort through some of the most important issues of our day...and then help chose the hired help. “

- Brad Knickerbocker, Senior Staff Writer, The Christian Science Monitor

“Jeff Golden honors Americans in treating us as if we were grownups. One vote cast here for a good thinker, a fine speechwriter, and a real grownup."

- Richard D. Heffner, founding director of WNET-TV and longtime host of
public television's The Open Mind

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