Welcome to a growing effort to make American politics fit for grownups.

We hope you enjoyed reading As if We Were Grownups, or that you will soon.

Because youíre here itís likely you agree with us that Grownups puts forward a powerful premise: we can do more than just imagine authentic, respectful and effective politics in America. In fact, and astonishingly enough, we can have those politics...if we can break the cycle whereby we keep rewarding political leaders for treating us like self-absorbed spoiled children.

How can we do that? The aim of this website is to harness our collective experiences and inspiration to answer that question.

(If you're feeling a little lost because you haven't yet read Grownups, you
can start with its introduction and a descriptive Table of Contents.)

The conversation begins on the Your Turn page.

As we begin, let's not make the common mistake of overlooking the fine work that is already being done. If you're ready to become involved, visit our Allies page to check out other organizations and sites that are pushing America towards democracy and representative government.

Copies of As if We Were Grownups are available at our ORDER PAGE, with
discounts for discussion groups and college or university classrooms.

If you appreciate GROWNUPS, check out FOREST BLOOD,† Jeff Golden's acclaimed environmental action novel on the Northwest timber wars, at www.forestblood.com

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